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Book your staff holiday party in January

Hi everyone. Ally here, Entertainment Manager of Out Of Our Heads. Wow! What a successful holiday party season we had! From Kelowna to Toronto, we heard nothing but positive feedback from all of our clients and guests.Thank you to all- from our clients to dedicated staff making it our most successful season yet!

Our most popular service was The Game Show and The Big Game Night. No matter how you slice it, people love to play games. No pun inteneded. Our game services are unique as everyone in the crowd plays and each table makes up a team. It appeals to the outgoing and the shy type that would rather listen intently.

If your holiday season was as busy as ours and you never got a chance to book a staff party, it is not too late. January is an ideal month to book and get in the spirit. Venues have space to book and cater and we have a lot of available room to entertain your group!

So give us a call at 1-888-686-4373 or send us an email at

We look forward in hearing from you soon!

Happy New year everyone!

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