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Have you been elected the party planner?

Is it your turn to plan the staff party this year? Are you tired of the same old boring speeches, dry turkey and D.J playing YMCA on a permanent loop? Here are three things to remember when booking your staff party.

1. BOOK YOUR VENUE EARLY! You don't want to spend all of November in a panic seeking out a venue. Call in the spring to book for the busy christmas season. There are many places available for venue options such as hotels,restaurants and pubs with private rooms, historical museums, science centres, golf courses, community halls or even your companies own conference rooms. Consider venues that include the rental, service and dinner in one cost.

2. USE YOUR IMAGINATION! Even though your venue has red shag carpet and paisley wallpaper, do not take it at face value. Imagine what it can become with decorations, some lighting or even a theme? Embrace that shag carpet and invite everyone into the world of a 1970's party. A theme can be just the right addition of enjoyment!

3. AVOID TOO MANY PLANNERS! People always come up and say, " How do you do it? Its so stressful". Yes, planning a party can be stressful especially when you are bombarded with conficting advice and opinions from "too many cooks in the kitchen". Planning something fun, should be fun, so have fun with it!

Trust the advice from the experts. When booking your venue, utilize the skills of your venue coordinator. They will know if the venue will work for your group, and customize it to suit your groups needs.

When planning your party this year, book early, consider a theme or goal, and trust the advice from the experts. If you keep organized, your fun event will be just as fun to organize!

Out of Our Heads, April 2015.

Out Of Our Heads Productions, has provided entertainment for a wide range of parties over the past 17 years. From large scale fundraisers, to small house parties, trust the experts at Out Of Our Heads for all of your event entertainment needs.

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