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On Game Night audience members are contestants in our versions of classic game shows. Each and every segment of the game involves audience participation.

At the beginning of the night, the audience is split up into two teams that compete against each other throughout the night. One or more audience members from each team are brought on stage for each game, and battle for points that ultimately decides the victorious team ensues.Expect things to get competitive! It appeals to all types of people, the shy who enjoy watching the action, or the outgoing who like to jump up and be in the spotlight. Teams get involved in re-imagined classic games like Family Feud or our original games that you are sure to enjoy.


The Big Game Night includes two interactive hosts, all props, supplies, challenges, games, and prizes. For an additional charge we can provide a DJ sound system, and cordless microphones. 


Contact us today to GET THE PARTY STARTED 

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