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Laughter is our specialty


At Out Of Our Heads Productions, our goal is to make YOU look good. All of our events are audience interactive and are customized to suit and highlight your group. No event is the same as we work directly with you based on your goals and needs to create the event of your dreams! 



" The show was a HUGE success! Everyone was very impressed...right up to the head honcho!! Thanks so much for doing such an awesome job! If Bridgewater is ever in need of entertainment again, you will get the call"

V.Clark- Bridgewater Bank 


All of our events can be customized for social distancing! 

Watch the video here 

Ever wanted to be on a game show? Your guests are invited to participate in this very popular game. Each table consists of a team and you will be asked a series of trivia questions. After each round, you must choose one team player to spin the Wheel of Miss-Fortune in order to compete in a challenge. The challenges on the wheel consist of a variety of game shows such as Win, Lose or Draw, Survivor, Let's Make a Deal and much more. 

We are Canada's trivia experts. Give us a call and we can customize a unique trivia night solely for your group. Whether you are a pub seeking a weekly show or an office party looking for a fun team building event, we've got you covered. 

Invite our hilarious cast of characters to your event and watch a crime occur before your very eyes. Our show-goers become aspiring sleuths and even hilarious suspects as we work and laugh together to solve the crime.

The show is interactive and can be performed over dinner or even at a house party. You might want to stretch those stomach muscles beforehand as we guarantee non-stop laughter and fun!


The investigations can be customized to your group as our team of professional writers can create a script based on your celebration. 


Do you want to become part of the mystery? Allow our team of writers to script a game where you attend the party as a character and everybody joins in on the fun. 

On Game Night audience members are contestants in our versions of classic game shows. Each and every segment of the game involves audience participation.

At the beginning of the night, the audience is split up into two teams that compete against each other throughout the night. One or more audience members from each team are brought on stage for each game, and battle for points that ultimately decides the victorious team ensues.Expect things to get competitive! It appeals to all types of people, the shy who enjoy watching the action, or the outgoing who like to jump up and be in the spotlight. Teams get involved in re-imagi
ned classic games like Family Feud or our original games that you are sure to enjoy.

Are you looking for some roaming actors to highlight the theme of your party? Provide us the theme, and we will provide the characters, costumes, and memories to last a lifetime. 

Highlight a co-worker, friend or loved one with a visit from a "special guest".  We learn about the person you want to celebrate and create a practical joke sure to make them blush.

Looking for a hilarious character to emcee your next event or host a red carpet ceremony? Look no further than Out Of Our Heads Productions. We have a roster of very funny and experienced professional emcees, actors and comedians to host the event of your dreams. 

Do you have a favorite game you have always dreamed of playing? Your wish is our command. We provide the buzzers, the screens, the spinning wheel etc. to make your Game Show dreams come true! Name the Game and we'll create the event customized to your group. 

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