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How to recession proof your company party

Well its official! Canada is in a recession. Grrrr. Companies are finding creative ways to cut their budgets and save on costs. What is the first to get cut? Staff incentives and parties. I do agree that this is an effective way to minimize spending but with that comes a decrease in staff moral.

Your staff deserves to be celebrated.

Here are some useful ways to save on your office party:

1. Venue: Many offices have free meeting spaces and open halls that can easily be converted into an event space. We just hosted a party in a beautiful atrium in a downtown office building. The space was free to use and it seated over 300 people.

Many companies also open their homes for the year end celebration. It is a nice personal touch and staff appreciates the gesture.

2. Time of day. In these economic times, many companies are choosing to host their parties during the day. It is a great way to break up the work day and to celebrate a job well done. You spend less on food and beverage .

3. Choose a Team Builder activity. With a team building type of activity, no money is spent on alcohol and it is a great way to bring the staff together. Not to mention, it is really fun and memorable.

With these simple adjustments, you can host your company party and recession proof this season of celebrations!

Out Of Our Heads Productions has over twenty years experience in corporate team building and entertainment. Give us a call and we can assist you in creating a memorable event this season.

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