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Ever wanted to attend a Murder Mystery? Public tickets available in Calgary.

We are very pleased to be partnering with Carya Foundation and The Still for a Halloween Murder Mystery Public show.

The Hollywood Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner for youth programs at carya supports girls in Calgary to successfully navigate their teenage years. Carya focuses on empowering girls at risk of school drop-out to remain in school and move with confidence into adulthood. Vulnerable teenage girls are empowered with skills to navigate barriers in their world – bullying poverty, family breakdown, mental health challenges, and more - and confidently step into adulthood. Through self-reflection, relational interaction, and community development projects, girls develop skills that will set them up for success in school and beyond.

Guests will arrive at a Hollywood themed party to a red carpet hosted by “Joan Rivers”. Numerous visiting “celebrities” will be in attendance interacting with guests and immersing them in a world of Hollywood intrigue. Guests can sit back and take in the scene or get in on the action – it is all up to them. Throughout the evening, shocking events will unfold leading to a murder which must be solved. Guests will have solution kits to follow the action and determine the identity of the murderer. An event like no other, this murder mystery will provide an entire evening of entertainment while guests enjoy a four course meal and an evening out with friends.

Individual Ticket $70.00 (eligible tax receipt of $25.00)

All funds raised at this event will benefit carya's youth programs. To learn more about the work being done with youth in Calgary visit

“The greatest change I observed was in several girls who were very shy/withdrawn at the beginning of the program. By the end, they were really outgoing, talkative, and confident enough to do some public speaking.” Sirius program community volunteer

To order tickets click the link below:

Halloween Murder Mystery Calgary

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