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Do you want to host a Murder Mystery Party?

Have you always wanted to host a murder mystery party but don't know how to begin? Here are some useful tips to get you started.

a) Find your venue. Murder Mysteries can be done anywhere, from a small gathering in a home to a large scale gala event. Who doesn't want to solve a murder?

b) Decide on your theme. This will help with decor, invitiations, music etc. There are so many different types of themes for murder mysteries from holidays such as christmas and valentines to eras such as Medieval to the Wild West.

c) Know your audience. Are they the type that likes to be involved and dive right into the action or would they rather sit back and watch it all unfold. This will help in deciding what type of murder you want to host.


Did you know Out Of Our Heads works directly with the Buy Comedy Scripts Store and many of their previously produced scripts are available to purchase. If you are working within a limited budget, check out scripts avilable to purchase and produce. All scripts come with production notes, production rights, a self played home game kit, and production materials.

There are currently 5 scripts to choose from online and more being uploaded everyday.

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