Trivia Nights in Calgary Schedule

We are very excited to announce our summer schedule of Trivia Nights in Calgary with some new venues added.

Please call the select venue for reservations and start times.

Wednesdays at Brewsters Crowfoot at 7:30pm - bi-weekly themed Trivia Nights.

Up next, 90s Trivia Night, July 13th. Call 403-208-2739 to reserve your team.

Wednesdays at Two Rivers Distillery at 7:30pm - bi-weekly themed Trivia Nights.

Up next, Greys Anatomy Trivia Night, July 20th. Call 403-455-9759 to reserve your table.

Thursdays at Moose McGuires NW Calgary at 7:30pm.

Call 403-300-6670 to book your table.

Thursdays at Bitter Sisters Brewery.

ON BREAK FOR THE SUMMER. They will start up again in September.

Call 403-287-8811 for more information.

Fridays at Boston Pizza Shawnessy at 8pm.

Call 403-256-6999 to book your table.

Fridays at Boston Pizza Seton at 8pm.

Call 403-475-5678 to book your table.

Fridays at Century Downs Casino at 8pm. NAME THAT SONG TRIVIA.

Call the Derby Lounge to book your table at 587-349-7777

Saturdays at Stavros on Fourth at 7:30pm.

Call 403-284-4504 to book your table,

Saturdays at Boston Pizza West Springs at 8pm.

Call 403-930-2200 to book your table.

Out Of Our Heads would like to thank all of our amazing venues for putting on such fun and engaging trivia nights and our incredible hosts, Josh, Stephanie, Jackson, Phil, Angy and Racheal !

If you would like to book a Trivia Night, Game Show or themed night for your next event we have been hosting Game Orientated enetertainment since 1997, so give us a call at 1-888-686-4373 or check out our website at

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