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???? oerheks: could you help me troubleshoot boot issues? ive deleted the entire partition on a HDD, and the booting is slower than a [insert slow preference here]. not sure if its failing the whole way or just a few keys... oerheks: but it doesnt seem to be anything I do, it boots at around 10 seconds at best. i could be getting some artifact over the ethernet or something [Saint], we need more information, such as what is slow, and what are you using to boot, as there is no fast/slow preference anymore well that is the strange thing...its not my ethernet or wireless, that part is doing about 1kbps 10 seconds is slow, mhm it boots to grub, and then the screen is going crazy 15.10 :D it's a pc It has become a good one I'm still on 15.04 :P it's a Netbook I had lying around...small formfactor :) I only use it for SSH to my server and I've got a monitor and keyboard/mouse plugged in lulz Now it's clear, I have to fix my keyboard And my mice And my sound [Saint] - sorry for the spam I have a fairly fast machine, I can't even boot to a desktop at that 10-second pace no probs i think your getting a better reaction from the ethernet than wireless is... but I don't know how to troubleshoot that if i remember correctly, ubuntu 16.04 has a 'fastboot' option?




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Multi Unlock Client Crack

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